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Free Delivery for Brooklyn Dogs and Cats

Call or text Vincent at (917) 992-6242 

We try to stay stocked on the following brands but ordering ahead of time will help us to make sure we have what you want when you want it.  If you don't see what you are looking for (even if it is not frozen raw), please call or text.   There's a good chance we can get it.


Bravo (canine)
Please specify whether you are interested in balance (rounded diet) or blend (must be supplemented).  Supplements available upon request.

1 lb logs
Salmon: $7.00
2 lb logs
Beef: $9.00
Lamb: $10.00
Chicken: $6.00
Turkey: $7.00

5 lb logs
Beef: $21.00
Lamb: $22.00
Chicken: $14.00
Turkey: $15.00

3 lb boxes of patties
Chicken: $14.00
Turkey: $15.00
Beef: $18.00 
Nature's Variety (for cats and dogs):

3 lb bags of medallions

Beef: $23.00
Lamb: $24.00
Rabbit: $32.00


3 lb bags of medallions
Chicken/Salmon (feline): $18.00 
Beef (canine): $19.00 
Lamb (canine): $20.00

Marrow Bones
6 pack of 2" Beef: $11.00

2 lb logs

Sardine Mix: $8.00

Stella and Chewy's (canine) 

3 lb bags of medallions
: all $18.00
Super Beef
Duck, Duck, Goose
Chewy's Chicken  
Dandy Lamb 

Nature's Logic (by request)

Northwest Naturals
(by request)


Cans by the Case: by request

Dry Food: by request

12" Bully Sticks: $5.00

6" Spiral Buffalo Flossies: $3.00

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers (salmon, liver, cheddar): $12.00

Dr. Harvey's: by request

Assorted Earthbath shampoo: inquire

Assorted leashes and collars: inquire

Assorted bowls: inquire

Fiproguard flea medication: inquire

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